Anna McDunn | Unhinged dance


I make dances because I believe in dance as an accessible form of communication.  Dance is for everyone, and it is in everything, from people riding the subway to clouds blowing past to grass, silently growing. My work aims to capture small moments and universal human experiences that might otherwise be dismissed as unremarkable.

Though the inspiration varies widely, my work nearly always begins with improvisation. Sometimes, I begin with a thought or word, allowing that idea to inform my movement. Other works begin with a movement phrase, which evolves and takes on its own meaning as it progresses. Much of my work is informed by the natural quirks of my collaborators’ movement. It is not unusual for a dancer to do something casual or silly in rehearsal, only for that movement to be captured and incorporated into the growing piece. My work is influenced by my upbringing, contemporary culture, and daily observations of the world around me. I constantly strive to provide my audiences with a new perspective, one that may allow them to appreciate things they had never noticed before. It’s easy to dance the big things- life and death, love and loss. I dance the small moments- a cup of tea in the morning, a moment with friends, the silence of being alone but not lonely. My work searches out and explores common human experiences, the often-overlooked things that make us individuals even as they tie us together.